Simplify Mold Design with XMD Mold Designer Software

Expert Mold Designer Automates Mold Design within KeyCreator CAD Software


Is your shop floor spending too much time waiting for files? With Expert Mold Designer they won't be able to keep up with design! Expert Mold Designer (XMD) promises mold makers dramatically shorter lead times, higher quality designs, and higher productivity.

XMD delivers intelligent automation fully integrated with KeyCreator's dynamic modeling tools.  The package enables designers to fully model the mold base and all required mechanisms and components in 3D solids. Custom solid mechanisms and plates can be brought into XMD enabling:

  • Automatic hole management
  • Automatic ballooning in the BOM
  • Ease of exporting each item for manufacturing
  • Simultaneous updating of drawing views and sections
  • Automatic detail drawing

XMD automates the tedious CAD work in mold design, providing:

  • Smart components
  • Automatic job management
  • Automatic hole design
  • Smart design editing tools
  • High quality automated drafting
  • Smarter water commands
  • Automatic interference checking
  • And much more

KeyCreator’s direct modeling enables importing geometry from any source and working with it as though it were native geometry. Solids for slides, inserts, and even manifold systems can all be brought into XMD from any CAD system, and used in the mold design as a native component.  Whether it comes from the customer, a surfacing department, or a subcontractor, it's easy to import the data and work with it. 

Synergetic Engineering, the developer of XMD, works closely with the mold making industry to develop this software.  The goal is simple -  to make XMD users the best group of mold designers on the planet.

Expert Mold Designer is sold by Synergetic Engineering, based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  You can read more about them at



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