Focus: CAD for Tooling

Features & flexibility that match the real-world demands of CAD users working in tooling & related manufacturing

Tooling: problem-solving & productivity are key

If you work in tooling you face a different set of problems than the rest of the CAD world typically does. For the most part, there's no multi-departmental collaboration: here's the model, you figure out how it's going to get made. KeyCreator has been living in your world for decades. As a pioneer of direct modeling, it was built for the flexibility and freedom that makes tooling projects go smoothly.

Unexpected Changes

Since you're at the end of the line, it's always the last minute. Designers don't always account for what you need to get the job done. KeyCreator is built to make fast, precise, value-added changes for manufacturability and not get you boxed in. You'll still be ready to handle whatever surprises come next.

Build From Client's Model

Parametric CAD stores a lot of information in a model that barely does a thing to help you create the necessary tooling. KeyCreator lets you get right to work, directly from the 3D part geometry, so you can get production moving.

Files From Many Sources

There's no better software than KeyCreator when it comes to being able to work efficiently with the geometric data from different CAD formats, period. Whether it's 2D drawings, surfaces or solids, in a native or standard format, KeyCreator is ready for it.

One-offs & Custom

Much of parametric CAD is built for enterprise-scale data management. That's not your world! Nothing is better suited to solve "never seen before/never see again" problems like KeyCreator.

Unexpected Changes

Last-minute modifications that don't take all day

Tooling shops are caught in the multi-CAD crossfire, where glitches in translation sometimes require operators to fully re-build models — but not with KeyCreator! It lets you quickly repair affected geometry and keep production moving.

Sometimes a client design may gain major production efficiencies with only a slight modification. KeyCreator lets you apply your industry knowledge in ways that benefit you & your customers.


Re-write history

No need to spend time sorting out the model's history in order to make the minor adjustments you need: KeyCreator's direct modeling approach simplifies without compromising accuracy

Full GD&T

You work directly with the geometry of the model (or the tooling) to make exactly the change you need, without any extra steps. All the precision you need, none of the processes you don't

Remove & replace surfaces

KeyCreator has robust editing capabilities that let you work interchangeably with a combination of curves, faces, and features. Rapidly make changes and get back to a watertight solid in no time

Build From Client Models

In tooling design, KeyCreator is your secret weapon

Whether your clients are huge OEMs or a smaller sub-contractor, they've spent countless hours considering everything about their model...except how to actually get it produced!

Part designers assume your tooling work will follow the time-consuming approach as the parametric CAD they use. KeyCreator gives you the flexibility to quickly get a handle on the geometry and bypass all the rest. Rapid tooling design is key to profits — that's what KeyCreator is built for!


PLM won't help you

The additional, non-geometric data included with CAD files is valuable to OEMs designing and maintaining a complex assembly, but it doesn't do a thing for the folks who have to actually make the part. Get right to the data you need to keep working

Just the dimensions, please

KeyCreator recognizes the model's full GD&T and B-Rep info, and gives you tools to apply your individual insight and experience to the specific job you're working on today

Direct modeling flexibility

You won't know what's required to produce the part until the client hands off the model. Nothing is faster at creating or manipulating surfaces and solids than KeyCreator, so you can fine-tune your tooling in no time

Files From Many Sources

It's a multi-CAD world out there: stay ready

Does your shop keep legacy workstations around just to access certain CAD software? Do you have to deal with troublesome STEP translations just because you can't work with certain native files?

KeyCreator offers the widest CAD platform compatibility on the market, bar none: its translators use the leading technology the North American aerospace industry relies on to validate CAD translations.

KeyCreator is uniquely equipped to read and work with all types of geometry, and quickly fix poorly translated models. This means never facing the huge time-suck of rebuilding the model from scratch.


Read & edit all major CAD

More than just reading models, PMI & drawings, KeyCreator lets you access and work with the geometry from all major platforms:
• SolidWorks     • CATIA
• Creo     • NX
• and many, many others

Don't re-build, repair

Re-building a model because features didn't come in through translation doesn't have to be "just the way things are." KeyCreator gives you direct access to model geometry to keep your workflow working


Advanced feature recognition

KeyCreator has unique functionality to simplify how you work with imported B-rep data. Quickly make adjustments in specific areas to deliver efficiencies to your team & your customers

One-Offs & Custom

Your expertise has never worked smarter for you

Maybe it's a modification to your work area; maybe it's a special request from a client; maybe it's a custom component to facilitate shipping of other finished goods.

The point is, there are times where the attributes of parametric modeling which facilitate long-term iterative changes simply aren't helpful. For projects where legacy usage isn't a consideration, KeyCreator lets you deal directly with the demands of the here-and-now.


Like putty in your hands

As a true direct modeler, KeyCreator lets you work with faces and features as easily and intuitively as if you were sketching on your whiteboard (or cardboard)

Dimensions, dimensions, dimensions

Work directly with dimensional data without the encumbrances of parametric modeling. For work that's not going to be repeated, why be slowed down by features built to support reproduction?

Who needs history?

When you are solving an engineering challenge that won't re-occur, you'll never get any pay-back for establishing a feature history. Roll up your sleeves and get it done with KeyCreator

KeyCreator CAD for Tooling