Meet KeyCreator

The CAD direct modeling trailblazer made for any project where speed and flexibility are key

Work smarter & faster

For CAD operators who work with lots of new ideas or lots of models from outside sources, KeyCreator can show you a whole new way to get more done faster.

Direct modeling radically uncomplicates how unplanned modifications are made. Never again say "I'll just spend a few hours to re-build it from scratch" 


Faster for your ideas

Especially for one-off builds like a facilities adaptation or other custom pieces, KeyCreator moves you from initial sketch to production-ready with unmatched speed and precision.

Faster with outside files

If your work means frequently handling models from multiple outside sources, KeyCreator was built to make your work easier. Work directly with model geometry from anywhere — no more unrecognized features.

Faster file management

Get back all the time you spend managing separate files for every part, assembly, and drawing. With KeyCreater, it all stays in one file as long as you prefer. (When a project gets overly complex, you can break it up.)

What G2 Users Have to Say About KeyCreator

KeyCreator reviews sourced by G2

Edit with dimensions, then delete

3D edits with a dimension are fast and intuitive. But do you want to plan your whole model around it? KeyCreator gives you powerful dimension-driven editing then lets you move on with a click.



Build fast using primitives & geometry

Unique to KeyCreator is its library of primitive solids that lets you build simple shapes with unequalled efficiency. Quickly snap positions, curves, and planes off existing models without worrying about unintended relationships. KeyCreator does 3D with freedom.



Dynamic modeling

Modifying models on-the-fly? Nothing will keep you flying high like being able to simply grab & drag faces or entities (or both!) with the DynaHandle. It's such a refreshingly simple method, you'll wonder how you ever worked without it.



Your work, your workflow

Don't let constraints meant to serve someone else's business model dictate how you get business done.

Customs & One-offs

When your job is to create something you'll never make again, the efficiency from history-based functions of parametric modeling is totally wasted. Fill that role with KeyCreator

Just a little tweak...

Many CAD users in manufacturing find that what they need to actually make a part or component hasn't been fully accounted for in design. With KeyCreator, it's a quick fix

Fix corrupted files

If you get forced to re-build models after encountering problems with outside / outdated CAD files, KeyCreator's ability to open, modify, and convert back to a solid is a game-changer

KeyCreator in the shop

A wide range of model sources & constant changes in customer requirements are common challenges in mold-making. Read how Basilius found uncommon success relying on KeyCreator 


Pioneer of direct CAD modeling

For more than twenty years, KeyCreator has been the tool for CAD users who demand flexibility, speed, and versatility to figure out new solutions to engineering challenges (and production deadlines!).

New day, new files

We're here for the segment of CAD users whose work involves a constant stream of new and different challenges. This is the group whose processes and preferences we've been responding to since the beginning, in ways the Big Boys simply cannot.

Refreshingly simple

Our users love our software! From top-tier ratings on review sites like G2 and Capterra to the decades of loyalty we are blessed with from our user base, you can see how KeyCreator solves problems in a way that (dare we say it) can actually be fun.

KeyCreator multi-tasking

When you're designing production machinery one day, custom equipment the next, and facility layouts the day after that, KeyCreator gives you freedom parametric modelers can't


At work around the world

For decades, CAD operators in the know have been putting KeyCreator's particular strengths to work as their "secret weapon" to productivity. Whether working on an in-house team alongside parametric modelers or as a business's primary CAD system, all kinds of companies have found a new key to productivity with KeyCreator.


KeyCreator on the job

Keeping things simple so you can respond quickly to customers with all the pro-level CAD functionality you need: that's the wide-open capability KeyCreator delivers


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