Focus: Aerospace

Kubotek Kosmos CAD utilities simplify MCAD data reporting for the aerospace & defense sector

Elevated demands

Regulations and rigid industry standards make the aviation and aerospace segments some of the most challenging engineering and manufacturing environments. When the variables associated with engineering changes or different CAD platforms are introduced, it's critical to rely on tools built specifically to catch discrepancies or errors with automated precision.

DPD Auditing

Suppliers can keep operations running efficiently with tools like our VALIDATE software that automate the documentation of DPD compliance

LOTAR Documentation

The DoD continues to establish stronger Long Term Archiving and Retrieval (LOTAR) standards for models. The right process can keep this little detail from becoming a big problem


The more accurate your estimates, the more competitive you are. When parts or assemblies are revised, change report software like REVISION capture every detail

Transition to MBD

If you still rely on drawings as the final authority, you're at risk of falling behind the field. A CAD-neutral tool that provides full GD&T information can help you make that leap

Give your business the advantage of specialized CAD tools from Kubotek Kosmos that address the challenges of aviation and aerospace engineering & manufacturing.

DPD & quality audits: solve the puzzle

When suppliers can show their OEM partners that they can meet or exceed the standard for documenting DPD compliance, that's a chance to get ahead of the pack.

Experience with the hard-to-spot, hard-to-fix problems when a model is translated between platforms is why these standards are introduced. A tool that makes fast, simple work of documenting DPD compliance lets you stay focused on the big picture.


Meets Boeing standards

Our VALIDATE software meets all the requirements of Boeing D6-51991 Rev N. Not only will this standard keep evolving, it won't be the last one OEMs introduce: Validate will keep you prepared

CAD-neutral analysis

No matter what platform you or your customers rely on, our CAD utilities can interrogate models to detect and document that your translation is entirely accurate

Full GD&T recognition

By performing a full mathematical interrogation of models, Validate catches the variations in tolerance that can occur during translation in the multi-CAD environment

LOTAR: keep simple things simple

Like most regulatory requirements, its unlikely that FAA demands for accuracy in Long Term Archiving and Retrieval (LOTAR) of aviation-related models will be less rigorous in the future.

Using Kubotek Kosmos VALIDATE to automate the documentation necessary to show that models maintain their accuracy when being translated in and out of STEP format makes sure that this minor task is done in a way that prevents major headaches in the future.


Check it going in

Accurate model translation must be documented when archiving a model or assembly in STEP format. Validate automates the process & produces a clear, comprehensive report

Check it coming out

When the need arises to retrieve a previously archived model and bring it back into your CAD environment, make sure every detail is accurately captured without wasting time

Built for fast processing

Our CAD utilities are built on our 3D Framework modeling kernel, the only engineering modeling kernel built natively for today's multi-processor work stations. Let 'er rip!

Estimating: don't lose margin from engineering changes

The continued integration of PMI and other quality and inventory standards means that when a part changes, it's not just the dimesions or surfaces that are different.

With the ongoing innovation in advanced alloys and materials for aerospace and aviation parts, small changes can add up to big differences in whole new ways. REVISION automatically captures and reports out the specifics so you don't miss a thing.


High value, high risk

Every time a component undergoes an engineering change on a project, it creates a unique situation. Be sure to treat them that way with full GD&T interrogation of the changes

Be a trusted partner

Transparency lends credibility to your estimating. With clear documentation of engineering changes created automatically, any changes to cost estimates are supported in detail

Leverage your expertise

Engineering changes mid-project may slip past the internal experts who informed your estimating process. Easily generated, CAD-neutral reports get them up-to-date fast

Transition to MBD

OEMs continue to drive Model-Based Definition (MBD) processes based on how it aligns with their complex internal business structure. For the smaller outside supplier, adopting MBD into established workflow based around drawings presents potential drawbacks.

Because it performs full GD&T interrogation of models, REVISION can give suppliers the surety and specificity they need without turning their established process inside-out.


Verifiable record

Because Revision and Validate automatically generate reports in addition to reading the MCAD data, you can have the proof in hand that you are following customer plans exactly

Any CAD platform

One challenge to deploying MBD when you work with different customers is that different CAD platforms have their own variables to tolerances. Our tools bridge those gaps, with precision

PMI & other data

The trend of OEM models carrying more than dimensional data is only going to continue. Having a workflow that's dependent on drawings could hold you back — or freeze you out

Kubotek Kosmos CAD Utilities for aerospace manufacturing enable you to stay focused on the core functions of your business. Stay ahead of the pack by proving you're an advanced, relible resource to partner with.