KeyCreator CKD Viewer

Download the latest version of the free viewer for
KeyCreator CKD files.

KeyCreator CKD Viewer software provides all of the CKD file viewing capabilities of KeyCreator CAD in a free read-only Windows app.

You'll need an email address and a system with Windows 10 (x64) or better. This quick download is under 200 MB.

No licensing code/file or login needed: just download, install, and run.

Active KeyCreator customers: this download is also available in the Software section of your support account (no forms to submit). Login here


Read CKD

Supports all data in all KeyCreator CKD files from 2004 to present



Visualize, Measure & Output

Interrogate models and capture images

Need To View Multiple CAD Formats?

If you need to view or translate other popular CAD file formats besides KeyCreator, including drawings from other formats, Kubotek Kosmos has a lightweight-but-powerful solution: please visit our View/Convert product page to learn more.

Where are all my part and assembly files?

Users familiar with how conventional CAD programs manage complex assemblies may be wondering why, when it comes to a KeyCreator CKD file, there is only a single file for an entire assembly. Unlike parametric modelers which often generate a tangle of related parts and assembly files, KeyCreator has a unified file format that keeps all the data (including drawings!) in one file for easy access.

Both KeyCreator and the CKD Viewer let users easily toggle the visibility of different aspects of the model on or off, using our powerful Level Tree feature. This lets you review only the components that require your attention.

Application Notes

The CKD Viewer does not use license protection or activation systems. After the installation program is finished, it is ready to start. The Windows File Associations function which pops up on first start allows registration of CKD files with the operating system. This means a double-click on a CKD file or selecting Open in File Explorer will start the CKD Viewer.