KeyCreator CKD Viewer

Download the latest version of the free viewer for
KeyCreator CKD files.

KeyCreator CKD Viewer software provides all of the CKD file viewing capabilities of KeyCreator CAD in a free read-only program.

You'll need an email address and a system with Windows 10 (x64) or better. Download size is under 300 MB.

No licensing code/file or login needed, just download, install, and run.


Read CKD

Supports all data in all KeyCreator CKD files from 2004 to present



Visualize, Measure & Output

Interrogate models and capture images

Nothing else provides anywhere near the flexibility and freedom that I have with KeyCreator.

Bob Haskin, Owner, Pacific Design Service


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KeyCreator’s flexibility makes it simple for us to come up with a concept and present it to our customers. We can quickly run the design through several iterations, incorporating the customer’s input, as well as our own ideas.

Gregory Jensen, President of Jenco Metal Products

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KeyCreator faithfully allows us to import and immediately work on customer files, not just view and dimension them. Being able to work on any file just as if it had been created in KeyCreator saves me lots of time.

John Fusi, CEO of JCF Research Associates

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