Verify the Accuracy of 3D Data Translations

Easily meet DPD/MBD process requirements when translating models from native CAD format to alternate formats

VALIDATE: Automate how you document the MCAD dataset translation process, featuring the fastest processing and simplest interface

Quality Compliance

Aerospace part suppliers in DPD/MBD programs are required to document their method of verifying the accuracy of MCAD file translations. Kubotek Kosmos Validate is the leading stand-alone program for providing fast, complete inspection of translations and automated compliance reporting to meet standards like Boeing D6-51991 Rev N. Options are available to read all major MCAD files.

Suppliers who are not required to demonstrate verification methods to identify discrepancies are beginning to understand how valuable this check can be. If you are looking for process quality improvement when translating from a native CAD format to an alternate format, you may be interested in this whitepaper to learn reasons why  tools to compare 3D models are becoming part of best practice to mitigate errors. 

Verify Translation Accuracy

Kubotek Kosmos has independently developed an unrivaled universal geometric database technology to make it easy to document the dataset translation process. This foundation allows Validate to comprehensively evaluate differences as a truly neutral third-party auditor so you can demonstrate the verification / interrogation methods used to identify potential discrepancies. 

  • Meets all aerospace industry CAD data validation and documentation requirements
  • Translates all major file formats, no CAD software required
  • Pattern matching comparison method provides objective evidence validating the translation process
  • Fully multi-threaded architecture delivers unmatched speed and performance
  • Powered by our independent, CAD-neutral 3D Framework

Just the Tools You Need

Simple functionality to verify CAD translations & provide objective evidence validating the translation process

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    Design Data Comparison

    Verify translations to alternate CAD formats

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    Model Interrogation and Measurement

    Quantify results for easy dispositioning

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    Quality Documentation and Reporting

    Complete traceability for audit success

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    Validate Multiple CAD Formats

    Independently verify accuracy of translation

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    Batch Validation

    Enterprise solutions for data migration

Validate: the easy answer to translation verification


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