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The Requirement of Data Validation between Collaborating Partners




This 40-minute pre-recorded webinar presents an authoritative third-party assessment from CIMdata regarding CAD data fidelity throughout the supply chain. It also provides an application overview from Kubotek Kosmos on its VALIDATE software which serves OEMs and suppliers managing CAD translation verification protocols, particularly in aerospace.


Dr. Versprille's work with the Aerospace & Defense PLM Action Group

As part of his remarks in this webinar, Dr. Versprille shared findings from his work with an influential industry group addressing concerns of OEMs and suppliers alike, the Aerospace & Defense PLM Action Group, as pertains to the need for efficient means of assuring accurate CAD data exchange:

"Today I want to zero in on the concerns these companies collectively face in OEM/supplier interaction.

First, every collaboration was using a different mechanism for exchanging information, and it was confusing and downright costly. You can imagine an OEM working with over 100 suppliers, all trying to do collaboration using different tools and different mechanisms for data exchange.

The predominance of asynchronous data exchange heightens the risk of out-of-date data being used. When data is first shared from the OEM to the supplier, the OEM doesn't stop designing. They continue on, and suddenly everything is out of date.

Data conversion errors were a fact of life, and forced the need for more data validation.

Let me call out two specific phrases these companies have identified:

The same data is moving back and forth, sometimes with a conversion and errors can creep in. Data must be validated at each step."

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Webinar Synopsis

When it functions as a major portion of the contractual definition of the product, it becomes critical that the integrity of precise 3D CAD data is preserved across the whole manufacturing team. Leading OEMs are realizing the risks of data translation at manufacturing partner sites and searching for solutions. Several major aerospace OEMs in North America require suppliers to document the process used to check the data used in each application. This presentation highlights the importance of adapting to both the shop-floor realities and the OEM-driven compliance measures, and discusses the leading technologies which address this manufacturing process and data management challenge.