CAD Geometry

Kubotek Kosmos is the leading independent developer of precision geometry software technology - the foundation of CAD/CAM.

Kubotek Kosmos is dedicated to enabling productive creation, efficient re-use, and precise communication of product definition data throughout the design and manufacturing world.

Industry-First Innovations

Dynamic feature inferencing - intelligent scanning of solids to find geometric feature and pattern relationships in real time

Direct dimension-driven editing - defining direct-editing operations on solids using temporary dimensions and user input

CAD model validation - face-based geometric comparison of CAD models

Full multi-processor modeling - mutex-free multi-threading support for 3D modeling operations 


Kubotek Kosmos Mission Statement

Independently build cross-platform products and a development framework with proprietary next-generation technology and full compatibility with all major CAD databases.

Who We Serve

Engineering Software Developers

Our 3D Framework modeling kernel provides robust performance and features to developers of specialized software in the 3D engineering space. It is the only broadly commercially available modeling kernel built from the ground up to take full advantage of today's multi-processor work stations.

Manufacturing Sector

Our KeyCreator CAD brings the flexibility of direct modeling and broad compatibility to suppliers who constantly need to respond to new incoming models from different sources. Our CAD Utilities, powered by our 3D Framework, help ensure that CAD data maintains fidelity to the original as models move through the supply chain.


For OEMs that rely on the accuracy of outside suppliers to get their products built, our CAD Utilities provide automated documentation of the data translation process, while KeyCreator's broad file compatibility and powerful features makes it a valuable tool for product design.

Design Engineers

The speed and versatility of direct modeling with our KeyCreator CAD enables design engineers to quickly build mathematically precise models with an intuitive, fluid approach that moves their ideas from the drawing table to the production floor.

Schools & Students

We have programs to help college students learn the fundamentals of CAD with special student licenses of KeyCreator.

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