Empowering Specialized Engineering and Manufacturing Applications

Kubotek Kosmos delivers core precision 3D technologies
and easy-to-use software to help speed
time-to-market, reduce costs, and improve quality.

3D Framework

Advance the development of your 3D software application by licensing our 3D kernel: it's fully multi-thread compatible with zero global and static variables.

From Miles To Microns

Our 3D framework uses powerful variable precision that fully supports models ranging in size from millions of miles to mere microns long. It's ready for you.

Take Your Ideas Anywhere

Compatibility with .NET (Visual Basic, C#); Python scripting; complete Unicode support; compatible for deployment on Windows, MacOS, Linux & Android.

Kubotek Software Customers

KeyCreator is the legendary manufacturing-oriented workhorse 3D/2D CAD software that has seen it all and remains the go-to problem solving tool for leading suppliers and designers.

  • Geometry-centered Speed Icon

    Geometry-Centered Speed

  • Simply Organized Icon

    Simply Organized

Compare model revisions or translations and quickly generate custom reports to enable revision control, ECO management, or DPD requirements. 

  • Complete Inspection

    Model Comparison Reporting

  • Quality Compliance

    Quality Compliance

Access models and drawings from all the most common CAD files, with options for read-only or conversion-enabled functionality.

  • Ready for Anything

    Ready for Anything

We were excited to see [calculation] time drop [from a minute] to around eight or nine seconds.

Dave Jacobsen, Senior Application Engineer, Lambda Research Corporation


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KeyCreator is used in many areas of what I do for this company. In the aspect of our retail branches,it is also used for survey results to design or modify the landscape.

Christian Hille, The McGregor Company

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Using overlays and PowerPoint used to take hours, whereas K-Compare Revision takes a fraction of the time with better results.

Lise Kennette, Engineering Manager, Circle 5 Tool & Mold


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Delivering Precise Results

Master the fundamental geometric foundation of any design data with Kubotek technology.