Learn More About the Framework

Our development experts look forward to sharing the exciting possibilities the Kubotek Kosmos 3D Framework has to offer

The Kubotek Kosmos 3D Framework is a geometric modeling and CAD translation kernel, providing:

  • Excellent foundation for new 3D engineering applications
  • Full multi-threading (mutex free) for next-generation speed
  • Independent superset of all major CAD databases for maximum interoperability
  • Variable precision (eliminates need for tolerant modeling code)
  • Great compliment to ACIS or Parasolid based applications
  • Platform independence (Windows, iOS, Linux, WebGL, and Android)
  • Small footprint
  • C/C++, Python, and .NET interfaces

Kubotek Kosmos is ready to help you to change the way you develop engineering applications. Let us know the type of work you do and any specific questions you have.