If you have two revisions of a 3D CAD model, Revision takes the work out of checking and documenting their differences.

In this webinar Kubotek Kosmos introduces Revision, the only tool to offer complete, independent model comparison and automated difference reporting. 


This is a prerecorded webinar to watch at your convenience. 



Geometric pattern matching comparison

Complete Comparison

Confidently identify all changes to the model and data

PowerPoint Style Report Builder

Rapid Reporting

Easily communicate detailed understanding of changes to all stakeholders

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From the webinar introduction

"Different areas of a company have a different need to understand design changes.

First there is quoting and estimating. You have to make sure that the model is correct, and that you've figured out all the changes. Sometimes the changes are very small or hard to see.

Next is engineering and design. Sometimes changes happen to a model; you need to be sure you are looking at the latest, and make sure you are seeing all the changes that might have happened to the parts.

When you send it out to manufacturing, sometimes there are design changes that occur because of manufacturing processes. And you want to make sure again that you are looking at the right changes.

Lastly is supply chain, making sure that the changes are communicated.

Typically the way the process works is that the two models are overlayed on top of each other, then you try to spot the difference. The problem is this is prone to human error, if a change is small you might miss it.

Then to report these changes, you typically have to make screen grabs of your CAD software showing the changes, then you need to take the screen shots and put it into some kind of report.

Revision simplifies all that by automating the process, and by relying on complete semantic GD&T check of the data to catch any discrepancies."