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Feature Recognition & Simple Edits
The efficiency of direct modeling plus KeyCreator's distinctive feature recognition capabilities can make the modification process smooth and simple. And solid.

"We have our own Equipment Manufacturing Facility where we design and build our own fertilizer applicators and sprayers."


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Best-In-Class Drafting
For the traditional style of CAD drawing plus additional features and compatibility you can't find elsewhere, KeyCreator is the solution you've been looking for if drawings are still a big part of your work.

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Dimensional + Direct Edits
As a groundbreaker in direct modeling, KeyCreator gives you all the efficiency and fluid work patterns you expect along with precise tools like dimensional edits. Work smarter & faster 


"Sometimes we get corrupted CAD files [from customers]. KeyCreator has a range of usability that helps us keep these jobs running smoothly."


KeyCreator Customer Story




3D Sketching
When you want to see ideas or solutions take shape fast, you want to work with KeyCreator. When you are building custom or one-offs, 3D sketching with primative shapes is a powerfully simple way to get the job done.




Easily Modify & Repair
Sometimes, certain problem areas might make a model seem un-usable. Using combinations of solids, surfaces, and wireframes, KeyCreator gives you a hybrid approach that lets you solve problems intuitively — and fast.





3D Slicing
When you are working quickly, the 3D slicing capabilities can make it easy to size new elements to existing geometry in the model, whether you are making a modification or building something new using legacy elements.