KeyCreator Annual User Meeting 2021

This 80-minute webinar hosted by Kubotek managers was held on October 28th, 2021 for active users of KeyCreator. Several interactive polls were included and the meeting concluded with a brief answer period for customer submitted questions. 

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The meeting agenda covers:

  • Company & Technology Updates
    • Kubotek product families and timeline
    • Customer referral program
  • KeyCreator Product Line Expansion 
    • KeyCreator market position
    • New ribbon/context menu-based products 
      • KeyCreator Prime
      • KeyCreator Drafting
  • What’s New in 2022 Release (including product demonstrations)
    • Performance improvements
      • Opening references
      • Dynamic window selection
    • Improved options for selecting foreground entities and curve/edge planar profiles 
    • Major enhancements to Material attributes system
      • Automating copy of face attributes between solids/sheets during Boolean Subtract
      • New options for management of Materials 
    • STEP AP 242 write
    • Drawing layout mode
      • Un-align instances 
      • New parallel or perpendicular options in Auxiliary view creation
      • Access to Detail Callout attributes during creation
      • Improved formatting of feature hole labels (Autolabel)
  • Sales & Support Updates 
    • Support site updates
    • Customer support request system
    • Price increase on new licenses of KeyCreator Pro Premium
  • Product Roadmap Review 
  • General Questions & Answers Session