KeyCreator Annual User Meeting 2020

Featuring a detailed review of enhancements in KeyCreator Pro 2021 and product roadmap discussion

This 60-minute webinar hosted by several managers from Kubotek was held on November 10, 2020 for active users of KeyCreator with several interactive polls and a brief Q&A session. 

Enhancements covered include:

  • Major enhancements to Material attributes system
  • STEP AP 242 and compressed STPZ files
  • New option in Auxiliary view 
  • Miscellaneous updates
  • New customer support request system 

Watch Webinar

Presenter: Wes Krol, Technical Account Manager

Panelists for Open Discussion: Ram Eswaran, COO & CTO; John McCullough, General Manager, Marketing; and Andy Beaupre, General Manager, Sales & Support

Product Highlights

Splitter Window Materials/RGB & Face Tools

  • Materials and associated RGB colors automatically captured during import
  • Materials attached to faces
  • Face tools interact with materials
  • New "Filter By Materials"

New Read Support for AP242

  • The convergence of the AP203 & AP214 standards is now known as AP242.
  • It also includes new functionalities that impact Model Based Definition (MBD), engineering design data, and Product Manufacturing Information (PMI).
  • KeyCreator reads assemblies, B-Rep, Graphical PMI, meshes

Import & Export Compressed STEP Files

  • Compressed STEP files use the .STPZ file extension

Default Changes

  • All "Import/Open Assembly Option" settings have been changed to bring assemblies in as "Flatten"
  • No part references as all levels managed multiple solids

KeyCreator Product Roadmap

Quarterly updates are planned throughout the year. Updates, called Service Packs, to be focused on delivering translator updates, enhancements & productivity improvements in addition to bug fixes.

STEP AP242 Export

  • Write model mode detail entities
  • Write Lightweight data to STEP in addition to assemblies, bodies, etc.

Ongoing Improvements to Part Reference Handling

  • Improve support in verification handling
  • Reference geometry in editing operations
  • Edit in-context