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Partnership Between Kubotek Kosmos & Mastercam Announced

Partnership Between Kubotek Kosmos & Mastercam Announced

Software Makers to Work Together to Support Data Integrity for Aerospace Parts Suppliers

MARLBOROUGH, Mass.— Kubotek Kosmos, a leader in engineering and manufacturing geometric software technology, today announced a partnership with Mastercam CAD/CAM software of Tolland, Connecticut. An outcome of cooperation between these companies is the new capability for Kubotek Kosmos software products to directly read part data in Mastercam native files. Partnering to create this compatibility reflects both companies' commitment to serving build-to-print parts suppliers, helping them manage complex 3D CAD data from customers with the assurance of no data lost to file format translation, and improved understanding of revised datasets.

Native Mastercam File Support

Direct read of precise 3D solids and surfaces from the Mastercam .MCAM and .MCX file formats is now supported by Kubotek Kosmos software. This support is built into the Kubotek Kosmos 3D Framework, a solid modeling and interoperability kernel used in development of a wide variety of software applications, including Validate, Revision, and other CAD utilities available from Kubotek. The 5.3 release of each of these programs has added support for Mastercam files to a comprehensive list of native CAD formats.

Kubotek Kosmos multi-platform viewer software reads solids from Mastercam
Added Reseller of CAD Interoperability Utilities

As of May 2023, Zenex Computing of Finland, long-time representative of Mastercam, has been appointed as a new Reseller of Kubotek Kosmos Validate, Revision, View, and Convert software products. This marks an expansion of Zenex’ involvement with Kubotek Kosmos having sold the company’s KeyCreator product for decades. “Kubotek Kosmos products excel at reading CAD data to support build-to-print manufacturing,” said Matti Seppälä, CEO of Zenex. “We are always looking for ways to better serve precision manufacturing in our region.”

CAD File Translation Verification

Supplier quality requirements of many top North American aerospace programs—such as Boeing’s D6-51991 standard—mandate that the translation of the authority product definition data into manufacturing software such as Mastercam be verified for accuracy. Further, this data verification must be documented for any potential future quality audit.

Kubotek Kosmos is the leader in verifying and documenting the movement of CAD data through supplier systems to ensure no data is lost. Validate from Kubotek Kosmos is an easy-to-use, stand-alone program. It tests and documents that model geometry in programs, like Mastercam, exactly match the original 3D CAD file, regardless of native software format.

Ongoing Cooperation

This newly announced partnership is a continuation of the two companies working together to provide practical solutions to aerospace manufacturing suppliers. Kubotek Kosmos was a sponsor of the 2023 Mastercam Momentum conference at the Mohegan Sun resort in Uncasville, Connecticut. This conference was attended by hundreds of sales and marketing employees of Mastercam Resellers from around the globe.

Kubotek Kosmos and Mastercam work together as part of a CAD/CAM data quality group at the annual Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance conference, held each February in Lynnwood, Washington. Kubotek Kosmos staff also delivered a presentation on data translation verification to Mastercam users at the Mastercam booth at IMTS 2022, an international manufacturing conference held biannually in Chicago.