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Kubotek3D Announces K-Display and K-Compare 1.3

Kubotek3D Announces K-Display and K-Compare 1.3

Kubotek software updated with a new file translator and numerous fixes

MARLBOROUGH, Mass.—(July 11, 2019)—Kubotek3D today announced the 1.3 release of the Kubotek K‑Compare CAD file validation and K‑Display line of MCAD visualization and translation software. This release provides a new file reader for K‑Display and fixes for each product.

New CAD Translator

K‑Display View 1.3 and K‑Display Convert 1.3 add new support for reading the CATIA Graphical Representation (CGR) file format:

  • Polygon mesh data
  • All versions

The CGR format is a lightweight 3D approximation file type (similar to STL) from CATIA that allows K‑Display products to render the object for visualization.

Minor Improvements and Fixes

The 1.3 releases address a dozen to two dozen small issues with each product listed in the release notes documents. The new 1.3 downloads are available to customers with active maintenance or leases on each product.


Free trials of Kubotek software are available. For more information, visit kubotek3d.com.


About Kubotek3D

Kubotek3D develops mechanical CAD software and core precision 3D technologies that facilitate interoperability between CAD programs. This strategy allows geometry, no matter where it originated, to be used throughout the manufacturing supply chain to speed time to market, reduce costs and improve quality. Kubotek3D is a division of Kubotek USA, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Kubotek Corporation (7709.T Tokyo Stock Exchange). Kubotek Corporation was founded in 1979 and is headquartered in Osaka, Japan. For more information see www.kubotek3d.com.



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