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Kubotek Works with 3Dconnexion on Next Generation Programs

Kubotek Works with 3Dconnexion on Next Generation Programs

K-Display and K-Compare include Full Support for 3Dconnexion 

The Kubotek development team has worked with 3Dconnexion to add support for their motion controller devices in the latest releases of our next-generation K-Compare and K-Display 3D CAD interoperability programs. 3Dconnexion has now certified these programs are in full compliance with their device drivers.  

These Kubotek products, especially K-Compare, are designed for engineers primarily in the Aerospace industry who use Dassault CATIA, PTC Creo, Siemens NX, and SolidWorks CAD software. 3Dconnexion device support is an expectation of professional-grade software in that space. Adding 3Dconnexion support demonstrates Kubotek’s commitment to making navigating through CAD data sets in these independent programs as familiar and efficient as possible for users of each of those CAD programs.

Our K-Compare and K-Display products were developed on top of a proprietary 3D framework built for comprehensive data exchange between all the major CAD programs which Kubotek launched in 2018 under the name Kubotek Kosmos. The four programs in these product families now in use by customers are;

  • K-Compare Revision
  • K-Compare Validate
  • K-Display Convert
  • K-Display View