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Kubotek Validation Tool 2015 and ECO Manager 2015 Products Available

Release date: 10/23/2014

Validation Tool and ECO Manager CAD Comparison and Data Validation 2015 software packages contain enhancements to improve CAD data organization and reporting for clear communication and reporting.

MARLBOROUGH, Mass. — Kubotek USA has officially released the 2015 versions of both Kubotek Validation Tool and ECO Manager CAD Comparison and Data Validation software packages.  The latest versions contain numerous enhancements to improve the organization of CAD data and the subsequent reports users generate to clearly communicate validated 3D data and/or design changes.

Kubotek Validation Tool is a CAD data validation software used to verify that any iteration of a master design file, regardless of file type, has not changed.  This software is especially useful as 3D design data works its way through the supply chain.  In fact, Kubotek Validation Tool is an approved CAD Data Validation software package used by Boeing suppliers to meet the quality assurance measures of the D6-51991 data integrity requirement.

ECO Manager can be used to very easily compare two CAD models, regardless of file type, to uncover differences in product geometry, Model Based Definition (MBD) or Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) contained in the 3D model.  Found revisions can be documented and easily communicated via automated reports in PowerPoint® and 3D PDF formats as designs work their way through the manufacturing process.

The 2015 release of these products update CAD file translators for improved operability.  In addition, several new functions improve the user’s control over how they view errors or differences, including how IS/WAS design changes are examined.  Sorting errors or differences also becomes more automated as users now can rely on Compare folders that are automatically populated with added, removed or revised data.  Further, ECO Manager 2015 includes an Auto PDF report option that works much like the standard Auto PowerPoint® report option.  Users can first capture the information (images) to create an automated PDF report to show IS/WAS images and folder names.

Mark Parent, Kubotek COO states, “All Kubotek products, including KeyCreator Direct CAD, excel  at what I call The ‘Q’— Translation, Hybrid Modeling, Editing and/or Querying –which,  in the case of Validation Tool and ECO Manager, means being able to work with any CAD model to uncover important information.  Kubotek compares and shows differences in CAD models better than any other compare technology on the market, in large part because of our feature and pattern recognition abilities.  Our leadership in truly unique technologies helps companies save real time and money.”

Free trials of Kubotek Validation Tool are available, as are free trials of ECO Manager.  For more information, visit kubotek3d.com

About Kubotek USA

Kubotek USA—Masters of Geometry – leads the direct modeling revolution by providing CAD technology to easily create, edit or manage changes to model data. Kubotek USA develops core technologies that can recognize, or even infer, the geometry’s attributes to facilitate interoperability in what might otherwise be unusable data. Kubotek USA develops software that can work with geometry, no matter where it originated, for use throughout the manufacturing supply chain in order to speed time to market, reduce costs and improve quality. Kubotek USA products include: KeyCreator 3D Direct CAD, KeyCreator Analysis, Kubotek Validation Tool and Kubotek ECO Manager for precise model comparison/validation and visual change reports to easily manage design changes, KeyMarkUp Multi-CAD Viewer and Mark Up Tool, KeyCreator Machinist, and Kubotek Spectrum CAD viewer.

Kubotek USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kubotek Corporation (7709.T Tokyo Stock Exchange). Kubotek Corporation was founded in 1979 and is headquartered in Osaka, Japan.

For more information please visit www.kubotek3d.com.

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