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KeyCreator 2023 Service Pack 1 Released

KeyCreator 2023 Service Pack 1 Released


Software updated with file translators, fixes, and several updated settings

Marlborough, MA—Kubotek Kosmos, a leading supply chain software provider, today announced the 2023 Service Pack 1 (SP1) release of the KeyCreator software products. This release provides updates to many CAD file translators, several options updates, and dozens of fixes.

Updated CAD Translators

Reading of CAD files in KeyCreator software has been updated to support the latest versions of seven major CAD file formats:

  • Dassault Systèmes (DS) CATIA V5 R2023
  • DS SolidWorks 2023
  • DS Spatial ACIS R2023
  • Siemens Digital Industries Software (SDIS) NX 2206
  • SDIS Parasolid V35
  • SDIS Solid Edge 2023

Note that support for CATIA V5 R2023 files is limited to KeyCreator Pro in this release.


Minor Detailing Enhancements

The 2023 SP1 release of KeyCreator includes minor updates to several templates and configuration files which improve standards support. Three new multi-line hole label styles for blind drilled holes have been added to hole annotation label presets. The capability for users to fully customize these styles has been maintained.

Unit label abbreviations appended to the end of dimension values such as in for inches and mm for millimeters have been disabled in CKT files included in the KeyCreator Pro installation. Users can optionally enable these and save templates if needed for drawings with mixed units or to meet company standards. CKT files created by users will be unaffected by this change.

Free Viewer

Kubotek Kosmos makes available at no charge a Windows program which can read all KeyCreator CKD files, from all versions of KeyCreator. For the 2023 SP1 release this program has been renamed KeyCreator CKD Viewer. KeyCreator customers can download the latest version from their support account. Anyone can request the program from the Kubotek Kosmos website.

Kubotek Kosmos has several programs available for viewing and converting to other CAD file formats. Lightweight software for non-engineers to view up to 20 different MCAD file types starts at $228/yr. For complete reading and editing legacy CADKEY PRT files, KeyCreator leases start at $420/yr. Prices vary by region. Please check with your local KeyCreator representative for details.