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KeyCreator 2023 Software Release Focused on Improved Drafting

KeyCreator 2023 Software Release Focused on Improved Drafting

Kubotek Kosmos announced the release of KeyCreator 2023 which provides expanded and updated drafting capabilities, productivity enhancements to various functions, and extensive updates to CAD translators. Kubotek Kosmos, a leader in engineering and manufacturing geometric software technology, today announced the availability of the 2023 release of the KeyCreator CAD software product line. The primary improvements for users include:

  • Improvements to match international drafting standards
  • Productivity enhancements
  • Updated translators and new formats supported, including latest CATIA format

Matching International Drafting Standards — The updates to KeyCreator drafting capabilities include many improvements to match international drafting standards. A Reference tolerance specification and a user-customizable system for defining ISO Fit tolerances allow both types of new tolerance options to be added to associative dimension entities. ASME Y14.5 support for geometric tolerance feature control frames has been updated to provide additional placement options and match the latest edition of the standard including the new dynamic profile modifier. Support for the Japanese JIS standard has also been expanded to include additional types of surface texture symbol modifiers and improve text position and justification.KeyCreator software interface showing new user-defined ISO Fit tolerance codes

New ISO Fit tolerance codes are defined in a user-editable file allowing for customization


Productivity Enhancements Focused on Detailing — General productivity enhancements in the 2023 release answer many customer requests and also mainly focus on detailing. These include a new set of snap positions on text, dimensioning lines, and detail symbols to support associative connection of various entities to locations around dimensions and annotations. Creation of associative auxiliary views in drawing layouts has been made easier by a new label in view lists to easily identify stored custom views which are associative to model geometry. To further support KeyCreator’s ability to easily dimension models in 3D, radial-type dimensions can now be associative directly to cylindrical faces.

KeyCreator software interface showing increased number of attachment points to make working with labels more efficient

To make working with dimensions and annotations more efficient, the 2023 release
makes new attachment points available (shown here in green)


Increased Translator Support — Translators to support data from nine separate CAD applications have been updated since the previous major release of KeyCreator. New support is available for the Dassault Systemes CATIA V6 3DXML format and the Rhino .3DM format from Robert McNeil and Associates. Support for the ISO standard JT file format has been expanded to support mesh objects often used as lightweight approximations of solid bodies.  

The KeyCreator Product Family

All KeyCreator products remain Windows-based, locally installed, and available as a both permanent and lease, standalone and floating licenses. The enhanced file import/export capabilities of KeyCreator Prime and KeyCreator Drafting relates directly to these products' use of the Kubotek Kosmos 3D Framework. A shared file format native to all KeyCreator products allows teams to take advantage of the different specialized functions throughout a project, from hands-on direct modeling to a read-only viewer, KeyCreator Viewer. The updated version of this free program is also available, capable of reading all design data in the KeyCreator CKD format (all previous versions and 2023 version).

Trial Downloads

Trial downloads for evaluation of each KeyCreator product are available from the Kubotek Kosmos web site. Additionally, a limited time offer of 20% off new permanent licenses or leases of all products is available by using the promo code “20OFFQ422” in the Kubotek Kosmos store. The promo code expires December 31th, 2022, and is limited to customers in United States, Canada, Ireland, Norway, and United Kingdom. The same 20% off offer is available from Kubotek Kosmos resellers across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.