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Kubotek Kosmos and Datakit Strengthen Partnership

Kubotek Kosmos and Datakit Strengthen Partnership

LYON, France & MARLBOROUGH, Massachusetts (USA) —January 18, 2024—Datakit, a leading CAD Data Exchange Company and Kubotek Kosmos, a leader in engineering and manufacturing geometric software technology, announce Kubotek Kosmos as an authorized distributor and support center for Datakit translation technology in combination with the Kubotek Kosmos 3D Framework software components.

The original partnership between the companies was announced five years ago related to the use of Datakit technology to read native CAD files in the new generation of Kubotek Kosmos CAD utility software applications which target interoperability issues in manufacturing. The partnership has been extended to allow Kubotek Kosmos to license Datakit components to other independent software vendors as a part of its 3D Framework offering. Besides the Kubotek Kosmos CAD interoperability utilities, several end-user CAD/CAE products in the optical engineering space, from Lambda Research and Photon Engineering, have been built based on this same combination of components.

“Kubotek Kosmos has been an excellent partner and has proven capable of supporting use of Datakit technology at the highest level. Kubotek Kosmos high-performance modeling and Datakit translation technology together is a very powerful pairing,” said Phillippe Blache, Datakit CEO.

“Datakit has delivered CAD translation components that exceed our demanding quality requirements and need for regular updates, a streamlined programming interface, and multi-platform support,” said Ram Eswaran, Kubotek Kosmos CTO/COO. “Our team has significant experience supporting thousands of users with critical CAD translation capabilities over decades using several different translation components. The move to Datakit in our next generation end-user products was smooth and enabled us to surpass performance targets. That experience has been key to Kubotek Kosmos providing streamlined access to this same leading technology to its 3D Framework customers,” continued Eswaran.

Both companies participate in cooperative development and testing of CAD interoperability standards through active membership in the PDES, LOTAR International, and prostep ivip organizations.