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Kubotek Kosmos CAD Utilities 5.2 Release

Kubotek Kosmos CAD Utilities 5.2 Release

Software updated with file translators, fixes, and several updated settings

MARLBOROUGH, Mass.— Kubotek Kosmos today announced the 5.2 Service Pack release of the Kubotek Kosmos CAD Utility software products. This release provides updates to CAD file translators, several options updates, and a dozen fixes.

Improved Translators

The 5.2 releases of all Kubotek Kosmos CAD utility programs include updates to several CAD file formats. Autodesk Inventor 2024 files are now supported across all the programs. PTC Creo support for reading 3D CAD files across all programs has been updated to version 10 files.

File read capabilities for all native CAD and STEP have been enhanced to support transparency properties stored on faces/bodies in the model (see the green solids in the image above). This improves visualization of interior portions of the model and a closer match to how the model appears in its originating system.


Translation validation of 3D data moving into manufacturing or inspection software which does not have the ability to export B-Rep models is usually handled using a point cloud sample as the derivative file. This process in the Validate 5.2 release has been improved to allow bi-directional testing to confirm that every surface in the original authority model has derivative point(s) data matching it within tolerance. This test helps these users find cases in which small faces were missed in point sampling or original faces were lost in translation.

The 5.2 View and Convert products now provide an option for reading just mesh data from 3D CAD files for significant gains in file opening speed. This type of mesh only read supports normal 3D visualization but does prevent advanced measurement capabilities which require precise B-Rep data. These products also now provide an option to view the file properties metadata of open files.