KeyCreator Annual User Meeting 2023

On November 2, 2023, KeyCreator users and other stakeholders participated in the live recorded webinar of the KeyCreator Annual User meeting. Representatives from the product management and leadership teams were on-hand to showcase the latest enhancements and respond to participant input.

The webinar lasts about an hour; it covers a wide variety of topics related to the latest release (KeyCreator 2024) as well as discussing what's coming down the road. We hope you find value from the presentation.


Watch November 2023 Webinar

The presentation covered numerous topics relating to the latest release of KeyCreator CAD, including:

Improvements for handling MBD/PMI

  • Imported MBD/PMI annotations fully editable
  • Modify position of individual feature control symbols, labels, and more

Fit grade tolerances

  • New CSV-driven table of ISO fit tolerances
  • Tolerances auto-adjust when model's nominal sizes altered
  • CSV can be customized to individual uses
  • User control of display of grade, tolerance data

RGB face colors in Trim/Split functions

  • Behavior upgraded to suit common mold-making processes

New labels & commands

  • Support for Continuous Feature symbol added
  • New variables for pipe taps / pipethread

Language support

  • German & Italian language support added

Material Physical Properties

  • New handling of point mass / center of gravity keeps file sizes low

Updated Translators

  • All major CAD translators updated
  • New ability to read PMI in Inventor files


  • Over 400 Bugs Fixed Since KC2023 SP0
  • Increase in automated regression testing

Product Roadmap

  • Discussion of Future Release Plans
  • Invitation to Join the Beta Test Group

Please note: The webinar recording includes information about a time-limited discount promotion on KeyCreator user training. The period of eligibility was still valid at the time of the posting of this video (November of 2023) and we hope those viewers who watch the webinar near the time it is posted will be able to take advantage of this promotion. Our regrets in advance to any users who learn about the available training discount after the promotional period has ended.