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CAD Translation Validation for Quality Systems Compliance

CAD Translation Validation for Quality Systems Compliance


When precise communication of 3D part data is critical, Kubotek has the tool. Leading aerospace suppliers are using Kubotek Validation Tool to test all CAD translations. Check out how in this overview video.

 CAD Translation Validation for Quality Systems Compliance








The Kubotek Validation tool is the premier tool for validating translations

Geometric comparison options define the validation parameters

Authority and derivative data sets are specified for documentation

Results are listed for Master and Copy documents

Red light indicates differences

Differences can be reviewed graphically

The final output of the process is a quality document that can be used for quality system compliance

Certification block for tamper detection

Traceability for Master and Copy files

Traceability for options used

Summary of results

Special case scenarios for validation include handling parts in different orientations

The Kubotek Validation Tool includes an orientation wizard designed specifically for this scenario

Simple parameter selection ensures proper orientation prior to comparison

The result is synchronized orientation of parts

Another special case scenario that is adeptly handled by the Kubotek Validation tool is validation using points

Compare options have been specifically designed to handle the scenario which usually occurs when validating translations into inspection software

Green Light indicates no differences

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