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V15 Surfacing Enhancements (Dual Kernel)

V15 Surfacing Enhancements (Dual Kernel)

This week's Tech Tip video features the KeyCreator 2017 V15 enhancements to several surfacing functions and the addition of a new surfacing function. All of the modeling technology used in these enhancements comes from Kubotek's own New Technology modeling kernel which is being relied on in more and more functions across KeyCreator. 





 New Multi-Profile Sweep

Create shapes from multiple profiles following along a given path

Create solids or surfaces in one function

Easily select profiles and path and KeyCreator will create a shape that morphs from one profile to another

KeyCreator quickly creates a seamless shape

Improved Rail Sweep

Rail Sweep with 2 profiles and 2 paths

In this example, we are using 2 profiles and 2 paths. The shape will morph from one profile to the other following both paths

In this example, we are using 2 profiles and 1 path. You can see how the shape morphs from a profile with multiple curves to a profile with just 1 curve

Improved Loft

Loft has been improved to create solids and surfaces in one function. Profiles can easily be selected using window select

Loft gives you the ability to create shapes through curves and points at one time

Using the Tangent Faces option in Loft allows you to create tangent shapes


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