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V15 Detailing Enhancements

V15 Detailing Enhancements

This week's Tech Tip video features the KeyCreator 2017 V15 enhancements and performance improvements related to dimensions, drawing views, and drawing layouts. 





Video Transcript: 

New Dimension Extension

  • While placing a dimension, you may discover it will not fit.
  • Using Context Menu, edit the dimension to turn on extension
  • #1 Check on "Text Extension"
  • #2 set "Auto Center" Text flips around as your cursor navigates around placement quadrant

Enhanced Section View

  • Text set from Detail Settings
  • Set your most commonly used text/size as default for Section View text

Improved performance of Dynamic Instance Resizing.

  • Entire model is displayed for easier panning & resizing
  • Updated once & not constantly during dynamic resizing

Significantly Improved Instance updating, especially when many instances or many layouts are used!

  • New level & geometry added
  • Instances will only reprocess when an instance level is modified
  • Side by side example of opening each layout.
  • No instance contains new level & geometry.
  • No reprocessing required!
  • Toggling between versions to next layout
  • Keycreator V15.0 completes task faster than previous versions



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