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Taking CAD Data Exchange to new Heights at PNAA Advance 2023

Taking CAD Data Exchange to new Heights at PNAA Advance 2023

We looking forward to once again attending the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance annual conference in Lynnwood, Washington, February 6-9. This conference, which brings together engineers, suppliers, and other industry decision-makers, presents a different kind of opportunity this year, as we will be working in partnership with three other participating sponsor companies to help make clear how important data exchange is in today's precision manufacturing.

The companies we're working with are Mastercam (CNC Software), a global leader in CAM software, ProShop, a developer of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, and Vericut (CG Tech), a developer of simulation software that helps precision manufacturers test production processes virtually. This continuum our four businesses represent highlights how data fidelity is a linchpin in the contemporary supply chain as a component moves from design to production to final assembly. The primary Kubotek Kosmos contribution to this digital thread is our Validate software, popular among Boeing suppliers, which tests that precise model data is moving between applications without compromise.  

The aviation and aerospace industry — where the importance of maintaining the highest possible manufacturing quality is obvious to everyone — provides a perfect backdrop to demonstrate the importance of ensuring accurate data exchange throughout the precision manufacturing process. However, you don't have to be working in this category for MCAD data fidelity to be important to your business: it's important for every engineering or manufacturing operation! That's why we developed our CAD interoperability products: to simplify the process of ensuring accurate data exchange. More and more businesses find themselves operating in a multi-CAD environment today, where models or drawings are moved between different platforms at different vendors along the supply chain.

This business reality — where CAD data exchange introduces risk of error — is something we hope our collaboration with these other PNAA participating businesses can begin to address. This is not the first time that we have had the chance to work with our new solution partner Mastercam to help illustrate to the broader manufacturing community the efficiencies that can be gained by integrated solutions. At IMTS 2022 held in Chicago last year Kubotek Kosmos presented at the Mastercam booth on process improvements for receiving revised CAD models to help that company's users better understand how partner products can add to the effectiveness of that program's solutions.

These developments make us especially pleased to be meeting engineers and quality professionals from the aviation industry at this year's PNAA conference. We continue to refine our CAD interoperability products to meet the changing demands of today's multi-CAD, data-driven precision manufacturing. You can read more about how they facilitate effective data exchange by reading more on our website product pages: Revision, Validate, and View/Convert. And if you're attending PNAA, we'll be seeing you soon!