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Talking Shop with Northwest Aerospace News Live

Talking Shop with Northwest Aerospace News Live


Our own John McCullough was interviewed by Northwest Aerospace News's Jennifer Ferrero to discuss CAD validation and our other lines of business.

We were pleased to have the chance to speak to the engineering audience of Northwest Aerospace News. We invite you to watch this 15-minute interview in full on the publication's website (you may need to scroll down to see John's interview).

Highlights from the interview

Discussing the role that Kubotek Kosmos specialized CAD utilities play in the world of aerospace engineering and manufacturing, John said:

"The CAD software and utilities which we build enable our suppliers in the aerospace manufacturing world to precisely read 3d product definitions which are sent to them by their customers.

What's important is they can read these regardless of the design software used by that customer, so they need to be ready to read data from anywhere — it might not be the same customer that they're getting data from one day to the next.

So suppliers that have this capability to accept models from anywhere, it really means that they can take in Model Based Definitions in place of the traditional engineering drawings. And that's an initiative that leading companies like Boeing are moving forward with; they're trying to eliminate the time and errors associated with drawings."


Discussing a common role that KeyCreator CAD plays in the aerospace manufacturing segment, which is mold tooling design:

"Our customer uses KeyCreator to create that mold that will produce the plastic part. They have a back and forth with the customer [on] any changes that they recommend based on this will be easier to manufacture, this will reduce cost, if we make these little changes.

That kind of back and forth is what KeyCreator is good at, because it frees the model up from a lot of the original constraints that were originally put on it during the design process. This allows those mold designers to move pieces around as they need to.

So partially with KeyCreator, when we say it's CAD software, people think of designing a large complex product like say an airplane. KeyCreator is generally used by smaller organization that are doing things that require more flexibility, and they're doing it on a quicker turn-around basis."