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Model-Based Definition Technology Brief

Model-Based Definition Technology Brief

Check out this 7-page technology brief by Lifecycle Insights


"...it is crucial to compare and validate the MBD when it moves from

company to company, and from application to application."

- Chad Jackson, Lifecycle Insights   

Does your manufacturing team always have the right product definition? You know how critical that is, but even if the design team has their PLM process in order, problems can enter the process downstream.

Leading companies are dramatically streamlining their manufacturing communication processes using Model-Based Definition (MBD) in place of traditional drawings. During this industry transition, automated tools are emerging to reduce risks when exchanging design data. Are you looking to educate yourself on these important trends?

  • Investments in Improving Design Documentation
  • The Broad Application of an MBD
  • Leveraging 3D Comparison and Validation Tools
  • Today's Multi-CAD Reality


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