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Meeting & Exceeding Boeing's D6-51991 Requirements

Meeting & Exceeding Boeing's D6-51991 Requirements


Take a two-minute tour of Kubotek's Validation Tool [which is on sale for only $2,995, including first year's maintenance] and how it can help you with quality compliance and standards such as  Boeing's D6-51991. [Transcript at bottom]





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The Kubotek Validation Tool was built from the ground up for validating CAD data for quality system compliance.

It uses industry leading all-inclusive geometric comparison providing the most accurate method of validating CAD translations.

A flexible set of compare options lets you define the types of geometry to be validated and compare tolerances.

The MASTER and COPY (translated) data sets are identified and tracked throughout the validation and reporting process to insure complete traceability.

The simple step-by-step procedure facilitates a quick and efficient validation process.

Visual feedback and results indicate that the validation is complete.

The final output of the process is a quality document with complete traceability.

The document includes:

  • File Data;
  • Compare option data; and
  • A complete results summary

If you need help passing the Boeing D6-51991 or other quality standards, call us at 800-372-3872