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KeyCreator Pro 2021 - Projected View Enhancement

KeyCreator Pro 2021 - Projected View Enhancement


See the Projected View Enhancements in Action!

Improvements to the Projected View function allow users to quickly create views projected perpendicular to an edge or line in the base view.


Projected View Enhancement

Parts with critical features located on skewed faces or at compound angles require a projected view to show the features in true size. This enhancement in KeyCreator 2021 helps create these views quickly when there is a line or edge perpendicular to the desired view.

Being able to manipulate the model views in this manner allows the operator the chance to view certain features exactly head on. For instance, to be able to look through screw holes that go through the work piece at different angles.

Being able to manipulate different views within a drawing prevents the need to go back to the model to create a special view. It also removes the need to go to the model and change to wireframe view just to examine a specific geometry.

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Here is a brief summary of some of the other improvements in the new release:

"The KeyCreator 2021 release productivity benefits were based on data collected from KeyCreator users focused on reusing CAD data and productivity without interrupting established workflows.

Enhancements were made in Materials, RGB colors and Face Tools for Model Based Definition (MBD) workflows used by mold and tooling industries. The significant change is that the Materials/RGB are saved within the .CKD part file allowing the easier exchange of files and materials between coworkers.

The import process now automatically populates the Materials list with materials/RGB colors used in the 3D imported model capturing manufacturing intent. These upgrades allow for new filtering by materials allowing users to select faces based on a material/RGB color.

New import support for STEP AP242 continues addressing MBD and Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) used in the industry."