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IMTS+ Creator's Lounge Interview at IMTS 2022

IMTS+ Creator's Lounge Interview at IMTS 2022

Kubotek Kosmos launched our new trade name at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) on Sept 12-17, 2022 in Chicago. On Day 5 of the show Kubotek Kosmos GM Marketing John McCullough sat down with industry influencer Mitch Free for an interview in the IMTS+ Creator's Lounge

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YouTube - IMTS+ Creators Lounge Day 5 Live!


In this interview Mitch and John discuss a broad range of CAD topics from the early days of CADKEY to the latest prototype VR application built with the Kubotek Kosmos 3D Framework

Mitch is the founder of ZYCI CNC Machining, as well as several other companies, and a long-time KeyCreator and CADKEY user. 

Discussing KeyCreator CAD Software

Mitch Free, a user himself, praises KeyCreator saying "there's nothing else like it," and that "if you want incredible flexibility, that's where KeyCreator comes in."

Mitch: So KeyCreator though is so different than any other CAD software on the market. If you look at it — Solid Works, UG, everything that's out there — [KeyCreator is] so different. 

John: We call the approach that key creator uses "direct modeling." So we don't record any steps that are taken to build the model, which is the strategy of most other CAD software for design.

Mitch: Which are pure parametric modelers.

John: Exactly, so they're recording each step so that they can replay it.

But if your customer is driving your whole process, you have to react to what they send you, it can be difficult to adjust those parameters. And sometimes you have to just start over again when the customer sends a new input to your process.

So direct modeling is a good strategy for that. Where you can more quickly adapt to whatever comes in: pull apart the model if we need to, tear a part off, make some new surfaces, stitch it all back together and you've got a model.


Applications Built on the 3D Framework

Mitch Free and John McCullough go on to discuss applications built on the Kubotek Kosmos 3D Framework, K-Compare and K-Validate, and how they help smaller shops accurately manage files from customers.

John: There's issues when a revision comes in. So you've based all your processes on that one 3d model — ok great this is what I'm going to build. And then a new version comes in and we have to be really careful at that point.

Sometimes the team that sent you that model didn't remember to double check to document some of the changes they made. It could be that they made a change a month before, then a bunch of new changes came in. So that one from earlier, they forgot to tell you about.

So that's the kind of stuff that this comparison tool can check for and highlight. So we build comparison report based on the differences, we automate that process as much as we can. We basically baked in a PowerPoint-style interface into this CAD utility tool so that [users] can generate these reports.

(Note: Transcriptions edited lightly for clarity)