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Here's How Photorealistic Rendering Can Make You Shine

Here's How Photorealistic Rendering Can Make You Shine

Wheel Rims Rendered with KeyCreator ArtisanKeyCreator Artisan is a photorealistic rendering add-on product that is fully integrated with KeyCreator Direct CAD. That means you can use KeyCreator Artisan to easily make any model created in, or imported into KeyCreator, look real before it even exists. 

Simply place the rendered image into a realistic environment and have a blast changing the design’s colors or materials, lighting, or even scenery options. The result is a high quality, realistic mage that you can use in a multitude of ways.

That sounds fun, doesn’t it? Good, because it is.

But besides being fun, photorealistic rendering can also be very useful to you and your business. Here are several ways photorealistic rendering can help you keep costs under control while at the same time, impressing your customers so you can make more money.

In other words, photorealistic rendering can really make you shine... a shiny new set of wheels!

For instance, rendering can:

Shorten Your Design to Manufacture Cycle

Use a photorealistic rendering as part of your design review process. Team members (you, your customer and/or your employees) can see exactly what the end-product will look like. The design review team can then offer feedback on the design itself, colors, materials, etc.—long before production or physical prototyping. In this stage of the design to manufacture cycle, it’s easier to make changes that affect the look and feel of a product. With multiple options or iterations to consider, decisions made earlier result in the product getting finished faster and without incurring unnecessary production costs—which brings us to the next reason in which photorealistic rendering can be useful.

Reduce Costs

Adding a photorealistic snapshot to the design review documentation makes it easier to visualize products and consider material options and related costs as part of your design review process. The rendered image can be placed in environments for size perspective and imagery. A photorealistic image can easily reveal the need to make changes to the design for aesthetics or for better manufacturing efficiency. Making changes to CAD files and photorealistic renderings is much cheaper –and easier—than making changes once physical prototyping or production begins.

In addition, photorealistic rendering means your marketing department isn’t paying a graphic designer to recreate images of the finished product or spending time with expensive photoshoots—leading us to yet another reason to consider photorealistic rendering.

Attract and Win More Business

Your website, digital media and printed brochures say a lot about you. Draw attention to yourself with attractive, rendered product images so you stand out from the crowd. You can easily show products in different colors, materials, or in various environments – the possibilities are endless. You can also use the rendered images to sell products that you have not yet produced, saving up-front costs, expenses and inventory.

Plus, by using rendering, you can showcase your expertise with stunning visual clarity. Including real looking products and designs in your proposals shows your prospective customer you have the design and/or manufacturing know-how that will earn you credibility and trust. Winning just one bid will easily pay for your investment in photorealistic rendering.

Okay, so now you see how rendering can help in your day-to-day process. Why choose KeyCreator Artisan?

Time savings

It’s integrated into KeyCreator Direct CAD. Don’t waste time exporting files to another system every time you want to create a rendering. The integration means any changes in your CAD model will automatically flow to KeyCreator Artisan, saving you even more time.

Quick to learn

Most people don’t have a lot of time to learn complicated software. Although this is a full-featured photorealistic rendering package, it is easy to learn and easy to use. You won’t spend days trying to figure out how to use it.

Save money

KeyCreator Artisan has a list price of only $495. Competing rendering packages can cost $1,000 or more. KeyCreator Artisan is the only package you need to create real looking product images. When you think about the time and money you can save up front in your design to manufacturing process, as well as money spent from using professional quality marketing images, adding photorealistic rendering to your CAD system is probably the easiest decision you’ll make all day.

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