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Kubotek Kosmos Taking Part in GPDIS 2023

Kubotek Kosmos Taking Part in GPDIS 2023

Working Towards A Model-Based Supply Chain

As we have added to our product portfolio over recent years, we learn from an ever-wider spectrum of businesses and industries what challenges they face, and the common theme of data interoperability and cross-compatibility is most central among them.

Addressing the challenges of data interoperability affects businesses as varied as small manufacturing operations to an international effort to launch satellites. So we are pleased to continue to be part of the Global Product Data Interoperability Summit (GPDIS).

This year's event takes place in Phoenix, Arizona, from September 18–21. We are happy again to be a Silver level sponsor of the summit, helping support this framework for vital dialogue from across the globe and across the supply chain.

GPDIS, acting as a platform for industry principals to exchange ideas and solutions, makes a point to address a wide range of process methods: MBE, MBD, MBSE, CAM, product analysis, emerging technologies, and more.

Addressing Data Exchange Best Practices

In addition to helping sponsor the summit, our CTO, Ram Eswaran, will be giving a presentation during a breakout session addressing Data Exchange Best Practices. This will include insights Kubotek Kosmos has gained serving customers' CAD reuse and translation validation needs for more than 20 years.

Ram will also be representing our company at two co-located international committees relating to STEP and LOTAR industry standards.

The Model-Based Supply Chain

The theme of this year's conference centers around the idea of the model-based supply chain. According to GPDIS estimates, roughly 70% of the average manufactured good is sourced from elsewhere. As more and more manufacturing processes are managed using data attached to 3D models, effective exchange of data is as fundamental to supply chain efficiency as reading glasses would have been in the age when there were only paper drawings!

We continue to be committed to helping technological innovation in the 3D engineering software field improve how our customers are able to compete in the global marketplace. GPDIS will be a great opportunity to work with others who are similarly committed to advancing the field of effective engineering data exchange.