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KeyCreator G2 user reviews continue strong in Fall 2022

KeyCreator G2 user reviews continue strong in Fall 2022

The voices of our users are the most important guidance we receive. And once again, the voices of KeyCreator users are making themselves heard by helping us maintain a 4.5 star rating & numerous category-leading review scores on

In the Fall 2022 results on this leading software review site, the positive word from KeyCreator users helped us earn quite a bit of recognition, including:

Best Meets Requirements

Easiest Admin

Easiest to Use

High Performer

• and the coveted Users Love Us!

If you are a KeyCreator user and would like the chance to make your voice heard, we welcome your contribution: you can follow this link to leave a review today.

Deep roots in CAD

The fact that many Kubotek Kosmos developers and senior management have roots in CAD that go back decades relates directly to our proven record of giving CAD users what they need. We know the real-world challenges that operators face, and we continue to refine KeyCreator toward those needs.

The agility to listen to users

Even as our KeyCreator products have the robust direct modeling functionality to meet the productivity needs of the largest shops and engineering departments, our company is scaled to be highly user responsive.

Just a short time ago, we held our Annual KeyCreator Users Meeting. In it, users had the chance to engage with senior product and company management to learn about the latest features and provide feedback toward future improvements. If you weren't able to join us live, you can watch the recorded webinar to learn about the newest KeyCreator features and also what's coming down the road.

Continuing to excel in user satisfaction

It is this type of responsiveness that has helped KeyCreator maintain such high user satisfaction scores on review sites like G2, Capterra, and others. These Fall 2022 awards continue our status as a highly-user-rated CAD software developer: we have earned at least 10 different G2 Customer Satisfaction Category badges each season since Fall 2019.

We thank all our KeyCreator users for their support — you are the reason we keep working so hard to make the smartest, most adaptable CAD products on the market.