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Discussing product data synchronization at AAS

Discussing product data synchronization at AAS

Kubotek Kosmos is proud to be a sponsor of the American Automotive Summit 2022, coming up on November 1 & 2 in Detroit. (We will be at Booth 18.) As a part of our presence at this leading industry event, Robert "Bob" Bean, Director of Business Development, will be leading a Lunch & Learn Roundtable discussion on "Supply Chain Synchronization of Critical Product Definition Data," on November 1 at 1pm local time.

If you are interested in attending the event, we'd love to see you there — you can find more info on attendance at the summit's official website.

Ensuring Data Integrity in 3D Design File Exchange

As with all durable goods, automotive manufacturing involves numerous parts suppliers who each manufacture different elements. Kubotek Kosmos provides a family of software products that help ensure that when 3D design files are shared between different systems no data is lost, particularly when shared between two (or more!) different CAD/CAM programs or platforms.

Whitepaper: Mitigating Risks in Multi-CAD EnvironmentsImage of white paper cover page

The importance of maintaining fidelity between to CAD models when they are converted by different software is described thoroughly in a whitepaper produced by independent research and advisory firm Lifecycle Insights, and available on our website. Get the whitepaper to learn more about the challenges to efficient manufacturing they identified.

Accurately Compare Any Two CAD Models (and Catch Any Discrepancy!)

The K-Compare Validate and K-Compare Revision products from Kubotek Kosmos assure both the parts supplier and customer that no model data is lost when converted between different CAD environments. Validate and Compare are compatible with all major platforms and can manage all major file types, including the latest version updates. They both automate the process of documenting changes in a report, a significant time savings over the manual process of screen captures and notations conventionally followed to provide the same output.

We are glad to have the chance to present more details about this important nuance of supply chain management, and hope to see you at the summit!