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Helping Aerospace Suppliers Get The Details Right | AADS 2022

Helping Aerospace Suppliers Get The Details Right | AADS 2022

Kubotek Kosmos is proud to be a sponsor of the American Aerospace & Defense Summit 2022, coming up on December 7 & 8 in Glendale, Arizona. The aerospace and defense industries are renown for demanding strict adherence to design specs and tolerances. With good reason! Because the stakes are so high for the finished result (keeping planes in the air), stakes are high for all manufacturers involved: part by part, assembly by assembly.

When it comes to detecting MCAD data accuracy in the manufacturing chain, the highest possible standards are maintained by our Validate™ and Revision™ products. These CAD utilities ensure that when models are shared between parties (and, very often, between different CAD software platforms) that all data is accurately preserved and documented, to track any changes or updates.

Addressing CAD Data Translation Challenges

Representing Kubotek Kosmos at this influential industry event is Robert "Bob" Bean, Director of Business Development. On Wednesday, December 7, at 1pm local time, he will be leading a Lunch & Learn Roundtable discussion on "Supply Chain Synchronization of Critical Product Definition Data." 

Part of what makes Validate and Revision such powerful tools is the speed with which they are able to read translated model data and generate a report for each instance of non-matching data. This agility with MCAD data comes in large part from having been built on our own 3D Framework modeling kernel. In addition to powering the performance of our CAD translation utilities, our 3D Framework is also available to other software developers looking for a versatile, multi-device-compatible modeling solution.

Driven by DocumentationImage of white paper cover page

A driving factor throughout the aerospace manufacturing sector is a system of requirements for documenting data accuracy throughout the process, from design to manufacturing to inspection, referred to as Digital Product Definition (DPD) or Model Based Definition (MBD). Though different companies have their own specific criteria, in practice they each require a systematic and thorough method to digitally validate and document data fidelity between models throughout the production process.

These standards have profound implications for both large and small aerospace suppliers. You can read an assessment of these implications for manufacturers in a whitepaper by independent research and advisory firm Lifecycle Insights, available on our website. Get the whitepaper to read in detail about the risks and challenges posed by multi-CAD production processes, and what solutions these new standards require.

Innovation Engineered Around the Needs of Real-World Users

As a smaller software company with a core team of developers who've been working in CAD for decades, Kubotek remains agile enough to respond promptly when needs arise from the shop floor (or the executive offices). It was with a thorough understanding of the challenges users were facing to document model data changes — often, a haphazard collection of screen captures and notes — that led us to develop our solutions. 

Like any quality standards, the key to effective DPD/MBD programs is how well it can be implemented in practice. With the ease and simplicity of our data translation software, our hope is to help companies put these standards to work effectively — and profitably.  We look forward to sharing those details with summit attendees. See you in Glendale!