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3D Data Exchange In Focus at 3D CIC

3D Data Exchange In Focus at 3D CIC


As part of our continuing leadership in the 3D data exchange / interoperability sector, we look forward once again to participating in the 3D Collaboration & Interoperability Congress conference (3D CIC). The conference takes place March 4-7, in Golden, Colorado. This conference, produced by Action Engineering, brings together experts and representatives from across the product engineering and manufacturing supply chain to discuss the opportunities and challenges of what it refers to as the model-based enterprise, or MBE.

This will be the seventh year that Kubotek Kosmos has participated as a sponsor at the 3D CIC conference. We appreciate this opportunity to learn from and connect with our peers, and to hear perspective from the many prominent OEMs represented at this event; this year, those include names such as Honeywell, Sandia National Labratories, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Labratory, and dozens more.

With that said, a further reason we appreciate the chance to participate is to represent the needs of smaller suppliers and tooling manufacturers who individually can't arrange participation at these higher-level industry gatherings and conferences. We know from our user base that the types of systemic changes being discussed at event like the 3D CIC conference likely will have the greatest impact on smaller organizations within the supply chain.

We value the end-user perspective that our customers represent, and we aren't shy about pointing out the challenges that "digital transformation" can have for these small businesses. Truth be told, the only way that the reliability and productivity benefits associated with more efficient digital interoperability will ever materialize is to be sure that they reach all the way to the independent suppliers represented throughout the supply chain.

With the topic of this year's keynote address of "Scaling Your Digital Transformation from the Ground Up," the need to see that efforts toward interoperability must account for all the players along the way appears to be gaining momentum. We look forward to working with our peers and colleagues to advance the promise of model based enterprise for all stakeholders across engineering and manufacturing.