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Upgrade your History-Based CAD and BE FREE!

Upgrade your History-Based CAD and BE FREE!


Ever feel caged in or locked in when you are trying to design or edit in your history-based CAD program (SolidWorks/Inventor/ProE/UG...)?

Computer Aided Design means the computer is aiding your ability to design and make changes, right?

So often, History-based modelers want to lock you in early to a design concept.  They give it a name, design intent.  But, what if you want to develop the intent as you are designing?  Shouldn't you be able to change your mind and try different designs to maximize the quality and minimize the cost of manufacturing the parts or product?

If you are used to History based CAD, it may be difficult to understand how to use a History-Free modeler.  You might feel that it just not worth understanding or learning a new (and easier) way.  But these new design tools are worth a look!

One employee detailed her journey from SolidWorks to KeyCreator in a recent blog.   You may want to read her revelations as she unlearned the history-based paradigms that were shattered as she learned to use KeyCreator Direct (History-Free) CAD.

With a history free modeler, you can start your design however you like, and with KeyCreator, the ability to use smart tools like the DynaHandle to cut and paste features (and various other things) continues to work even as your model gets complex.  

The market is now learning about all of the advantages of History-Free modeling.  History-based modelers are now introducing elements of direct modeling into their history-based modeler, but these tools are limited at best.  To enjoy the true freedom of Direct Modeling, upgrading to a history-free modeler is essential.