Comprehensive Mechanical Drawing

Discover the most compatible, efficient, and agile drafting solution available.

Edit Drawings from Eight Popular CAD Formats

  • Direct read of native drawings from the most comprehensive list of any drafting software; CATIA V5 & V4, PTC Creo, Siemens NX, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, DWG/DXF & CADKEY
  • Full control to revise drawing views, revision blocks, and add dimensions without the original CAD software
  • Review and combine 2D data from multiple sources into a single drawing
  • Mark-up and redline drawings
  • Export as PDF or DXF/DWG

Generate Drawings Rapidly from Solids

  • Automated drawing views and custom borders created as layouts in the main file
  • Comprehensive options to adjust view contents and look
  • Quickly add section, detail, and shaded isometric views
  • Easy-to-learn, professional-grade detailing
    • All style settings in dialogs
    • No complex set of variables and settings to remember
  • Import solids from any major CAD program and rotate, slice, and measure
Universal Drawing Editor-2

Save Time with Optimized Traditional Drawing and Construction Tools

  • Easy-to-learn Office-style menus
  • Efficient and mature curve construction and editing
  • Advanced positioning and selection options
  • Move/copy/mirror entities with powerful DynaHandle
2D screen capture

Manage Complex Drawings Efficiently

  • Organize objects with levels/sub-levels, entity naming, external references, and custom properties
  • Quickly insert symbol entities from a library of  components
    • Build a custom library of 2D objects, optionally from 3D models
    • Access a complete set of structural shapes, fasteners, and machined holes
  • Navigate detailed drawings with custom captures, multiple viewports, and hover ToolTips for quick feedback
  • Use entity style properties to aid visualization and filter selections

Solve Manufacturing Design and Configuration Problems

  • Plan equipment fit and attachment points
  • Extract precise 2D geometry from 3D part models
  • Use simple layer approach to manage geometry based on function in the design
  • Add annotations directly to design
Introducing 2D Design screenshot
Nothing else provides anywhere near the flexibility and freedom that I have with KeyCreator.

Bob Haskin, Owner, Pacific Design Service


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KeyCreator’s flexibility makes it simple for us to come up with a concept and present it to our customers. We can quickly run the design through several iterations, incorporating the customer’s input, as well as our own ideas.

Gregory Jensen, President of Jenco Metal Products

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KeyCreator faithfully allows us to import and immediately work on customer files, not just view and dimension them. Being able to work on any file just as if it had been created in KeyCreator saves me lots of time.

John Fusi, CEO of JCF Research Associates

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