Tools to Accelerate Manufacturing

Kubotek delivers 64-bit precision engineering programs compatible with all major CAD databases.

3D Framework

The Kubotek Kosmos 3D Framework is an advanced set of components, including KCM® (Kosmos Core Modeler), which software developers can use to build cross-platform software for engineering and manufacturing applications. 


K-Compare® Revision

K-Compare Revision software assures effective communication during the critical hand-off of new product specifications between product design and manufacturing. Quickly sort complex differences between two versions of a design and generate reports.    


K-Compare Validate

K-Compare Validate software checks translated CAD models for unintended changes and saves reports to comply with aerospace supplier requirements. It's comprehensive geometry comparison, speed, and ease-of-use set it apart from all other solutions.   


K-Display® Convert

K-Display Convert programs support opening files from all the major CAD databases and saving them in standard formats readable by nearly all CAD/CAM software.

ConvertDieDesign (1)

K-Display View

K-Display View applications are the lightening fast, easy-to-use solution for viewing all major types of mechanical CAD files on any device. 

K-Display View tablet (687 x 458)

KeyCreator® Drafting

KeyCreator Drafting is a complete mechanical drawing solution. Edit CAD drawings from almost any source and quickly create drawings from imported solids. Full drawing capabilities and advanced level management enable efficient 2D CAD. 



KeyCreator Prime

KeyCreator Prime is the easy-to-use, practical 3D CAD alternative.

  • Maximize productive re−use of CAD data from anywhere
  • Quickly build precise models
  • React rapidly to unexpected changes
  • Optimize data structure to the size of the project
  • Leverage a complete set of drawing functions




KeyCreator Pro

KeyCreator Pro software provides uniquely agile 3D solids/surface design, comprehensive translators, quick toolpath generation, and mechanical drawings tools. Icon palettes, pull-down menu structure and toolbars mimic the original CADKEY Windows interface.



KeyCreator Viewer

KeyCreator Viewer software is a no-charge program for read-only visualizing and verifying/measuring data in all KeyCreator CKD files.


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